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How to Help Your Child Study More Effectively



Should kids pick the same quiet part of the house for studying, or does variety boost his ability to retain information? If you're a mom, you're probably always searching for ways to help your child in his studies.


Here are five tips you should consider:


1. Create a routine.


Implementing a consistent homework routine is important in teaching kids good study habits. Children should have a specific time and place for study. Whether your kids want to study right after getting home or they'd rather grab some snacks first, make sure it becomes routine.


2. Provide a study area with the right environment.


The study environment is another key factor in a child's studying success. Moms usually recommend giving children a quiet space where there's good lighting and there are no distractions (for example, TV, computer, etc). For other moms, on the other hand, it's good to change locations when studying. They say that doing so boosts retention. Then again, not all kids are the same, so maybe you'd like to try both tips and choose which one seems to work better for your child. Read to understand more about education.


3. Add breaks in the study routine.


Just as adults must take breaks when working to improve focus, kids must take breaks from studying to prevent mental and physical fatigue. Around two to three breaks is probably fine per study session. This refreshes your child's sense of focus so he can think better when he returns to the table. Know more about the stem education.


4. Teach your kids how to handle their time effectively.


Time management is another very useful skill you must teach your child. Assign enough time for studying and help your child set a schedule for long-term projects. A good way to keep kids from procrastinating is using a timer during homework time. Give each task 15 minutes to keep the child from stalling or getting distracted.


5. Encourage questions.


Part of the learning and studying process is the struggle to understand new lessons. If your child is having trouble with a subject, let him ask questions. And if your child doesn't seem to respond well to you when you're teaching, consider getting a tutor instead. This can be highly beneficial to your child, even for a short time.


One thing you should keep in mind is that kids are all unique, as we said earlier, so you have to be a little flexible in when imposing your rules. Some kids, for example, remember information more when they study with other kids whom they can ask questions from and engage in an exchange of ideas. So if you have two or more kids and they like studying together, let them, even if that means study time will not be very quiet. What's important is that they have a study routine and it's working for them. Please check out if you have questions.

Post by topkidslearningtips (2016-03-01 02:22)

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